Baiyun Mountain | 白云山 | Most Beautiful Mountain In Guangzhou | National Grade-AAAAA Scenic Area

Baiyun Mountain | 白云山 | Most Beautiful Mountain In Guangzhou | National Grade-AAAAA Scenic Area

The Baiyun Mountain covers a total area of 20.98 square kilometers is located in Baiyun District, the northeast of downtown Guangzhou,

Baiyun Mountain Mid Autumn Festival
Baiyun Mountain

Famous scenic spots includes Mingchungu Natural Birdcage 鸣春谷, Guangzhou Steles 广州碑林 , Nengren Temple 能仁寺, Yuntai Garden 云台花园 , Sculpture Park 雕塑公园, and Peach Blossom Brooklet 桃花涧.

Baiyun Mountain Directory
Guangzhou Steles
Moxing Ridge

It is a national grade-AAAAA scenic area and the only national scenic area in Guangzhou. As a well-known mountain in south Guangdong province, the mountain has been given a title of “most beautiful mountain in Guangzhou” since ancient times. Its highest peak, Moxing Ridge 摩星岭 , stands 382m above sea level.

Sante Extreme Sports Center | 三特极限运动中心

The most popular sport in Sante Extreme Sports Center is Bungee Jumping. It includes four styles of Bungee Jumping, Atied waist style, Tied back style, Tie pin type and Double jump. It costs RMB200 for each person to jump.

Bungee Jumping

Mingchungu Natural Birdcage | 鸣春谷

Mingchungu Natural Birdcage is a scenic spot in the Baiyun District Scenic Area. It is located in the Baiyun Mountain Peak Park. It covers an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters and is currently the largest natural bird watching area in my country.


Mingchungu Natural Birdcage is divided into natural bird cage scenic area, rare bird viewing area, bird performance area and other parts.

Cable car

Cable car is a main vehicle in the scenic area and one of the world’s most advanced cable cars.

Yuntai Garden 3rd Tulip Festival06

Cable car starts at the east side of Yuntai Garden at the southern foot of Baiyun Mountain and heads for Mountaintop Park. The route is 1,617m in length, with a altitude difference of 198m. Cable car runs at a speed of 3-5m/s. Its single-way running time is 7 minutes. It can send 1,400 persons per hour.

Cable car fare: 25 RMB for up car, 15 RMB for down car, and 40 RMB for round trip.

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