Dongshan Lake Park

Dongshan Lake Park | 东山湖公园 | Donghu | Beautiful Environment | Fresh Air | It Is A Comprehensive Park For Sightseeing, Rest, Culture, And Entertainment

Dongshan Lake Park | 东山湖公园 | Beautiful environment | Fresh air | It is a comprehensive park for sightseeing, rest, culture, and entertainment

Guangzhou Dongshan Lake Park, also know as Donghu, has a land area of about 12.2 hectares and a lake area of 20.914 hectares. It is located in Yuexiu District. The park is equipped with restaurants, cafes, dance halls, elderly activity centers, and individual amusement facilities, and has gradually become a comprehensive park integrating tourism, sports, entertainment, and rest.

Dongshan Lake Park

Donghu was a stinky depression and vegetable fields before 1958. In April 1958, under the initiative of the mayor Zhu Guang, people from all walks of life in Dongshan District started voluntary labor to build the park. It was completed in 1959 and opened to tourists and named Dongshan Lake Park.


Dongshan Lake Park in Guangzhou is dominated by lakes, and the embankment forms the main tourist line. The north embankment is planted with banyan trees, and the middle embankment is planted with lindens, weeping willows, and red-flowered bauhinia. There are 4 peninsulas and 2 small islands in the lake. They are respectively connected by Jiuqu Bridge, Luohong Bridge, Arch Bridge, Wukong Bridge, and Sanqu Bridge. In spring, the flowers bloom, with pink and willow greens, beautiful scenery, rippling blue waves on the lake, and luxuriant flowers and trees. Therefore, it was once named the new eight scenic spots of Yangcheng-East Lake Chunxiao.


Jiuqu Bridge is a landmark building in Dongshan Lake Park, with a palace style. The bridge deck is winding and winding, with light red railings, set against the green water, and embellish the lake surface more colorfully.

Walking on the bridge, you can enjoy different angles of pictures at each corner. Boating on the lake, the breeze came slowly, and the ripples were like hubs, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

The five-arch bridge

The five-arch bridge constructed of Qingma Stone allows visitors to feel the openness and quietness of the countryside; the one-arch bridge and Luohong Bridge are comparable to the charm of Suzhou gardens; and the Tieshui bridge over the blue waves adds a touch of romance to the park.


The small bridges and lakes in the park are full of embankments, covered with red dew and green, and weeping willows are surrounded by lakes, triggering endless reveries of visitors. Strolling on the bridge or in the boating lake, looking at Qionglou Yuyu on both sides of the Pearl River, and watching the sky and water on the lake is a special taste.


In spring and autumn, Donghu Park also holds large-scale flower exhibitions for visitors to watch. There are restaurants, ballrooms, dining lounges in the park; there are entertainment infrastructures such as an activity center for the elderly, an ice skating rink, a playground, a yacht club, and a canteen.


Dongshan Lake Park has a beautiful environment and fresh air. It is a comprehensive park for sightseeing, rest, culture, and entertainment.

Travel information

Take Metro Line 6 and get off at “Donghu Station”

Take Bus No. 44, 287, 542, 548, 811, 813 and get off at the “Donghu Road” stop

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