Guangzhou City Tour | Canton Tower | Malls | Shopping | China Travel Vlog

Guangzhou City Tour | Canton Tower | Malls | Shopping | China Travel Vlog
Guangzhou City Tour – Canton Tower, Malls, Shopping – China Travel Vlog


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Guangzhou China – Travel Tips and Places to Visit

3 Travel tips to China
3.1 Language
3.2 Connectivity
3.3 Cost of living
3.4 Food
3.5 Currency
3.6 Locals Behaviour
3.7 Hotels / Service Apartments to Stay in Guangzhou
4 Places to visit at Guangzhou – Points of Interest
4.1 Canton Tower
4.2 Cruising on Pearl river
4.3 Malls in Guangzhou
5 Shopping in Guangzhou China
5.1 Get Tax (VAT) refund at the Airport Customs
6 Other Information Related to Guangzhou China
6.1 Time Difference – India
6.2 Guangzhou Market
6.3 Weather
6.4 Public Smoking
7 Further to Information on Guangzhou China
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