Guangzhou Museum

Guangzhou Museum | 广州博物馆 | One Of The Top Ten Modern Tourist Attractions In Guangzhou

Guangzhou Museum | 广州博物馆 | One Of The Top Ten Modern Tourist Attractions In Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Museum is located in the beautiful Yuexiu Mountain in Guangzhou, at Zhenhai Tower.

Guangzhou Museum Zhenhai Tower
Guangzhou Museum Stone Decoration

Since the Qing Dynasty, Zhenhai Tower has been rated as one of the eight scenic spots in Yangcheng and one of the top ten modern tourist attractions many times.


In 1928, the Guangzhou Municipal Government planned to organize the “Guangzhou Museum” here while repairing it. On February 11, 1929, it was officially opened to the public. It was one of the earliest museums established in China.


From 1941 to 1945, it was called Guangzhou Municipal Library and Museum. From 1946 to 1949, it was called Guangzhou Municipal Museum. From 1950 to the present, it is called Guangzhou Museum.


After continuous development, the Guangzhou Museum now has three sub-exhibition areas in addition to the Zhenhai Tower exhibition area, the Guangzhou Art Museum, the Sanyuanli People’s Anti-British Struggle Memorial Hall, and the 3.29 Uprising Headquarters Memorial Hall.


The Guangzhou Museum is a comprehensive history museum with local characteristics and an important place for the collection and display of local historical relics in Guangzhou.


The permanent exhibition in the museum is the “Guangzhou History Exhibition” exhibition. The exhibition uses nearly a thousand ancient and modern pictures and materials to enable people to understand the general situation of Guangzhou’s historical development and the characteristics of local culture. In addition, the Guangzhou Museum also regularly holds various thematic and commemorative temporary exhibitions.


The collections of the Guangzhou Museum are mainly cultural relics excavated since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. These cultural relics are the foundation of the collection.


At the same time, through the municipal government’s promotion, a wide range of solicitations, purchases, and donations from enthusiastic people from all walks of life in the society have been made. Currently, the collection has increased from more than three items in the initial period to 100,000 items.


The Zhenhailou exhibition area of Guangzhou Museum is located in the beautiful Yuexiu Park. The site of the museum is Zhenhai Tower, a famous ancient building in Guangzhou. Because the building is five stories high, it is commonly known as the “five-story building”.


The permanent exhibition “Guangzhou History Exhibition” in the museum systematically displays the changes in Guangzhou’s culture, customs, and urban development over the past five to six thousand years through nearly a thousand pieces of cultural relics, photos, and materials from various periods unearthed and collected in Guangzhou. On the east side of the exhibition area is the thematic exhibition hall, where various special exhibitions are held.


On the west side, there is a stele gallery displaying precious historical inscriptions of Guangzhou and the Qingcheng defense cannon.

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