Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park

Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park | 广州塔阿尔法探索乐园 | Canton Tower | New Highlights Enjoy The Fun Of High-Altitude Adventure At Landmarks

Enjoy The Fun Of High-Altitude Adventure At Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park

With the official opening of the Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park, the three major experience projects were opened to the public, marking the official settlement of China’s first high-tower tourism and adventure park built in four years.

In the past, high-altitude amusement projects that could only be experienced on internationally famous landmarks such as Toronto Tower, Burj Khalifa, Sydney Bridge, etc., can now be experienced up close and in-depth at Canton Tower!

Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park integrates the functions of exploration, team building, and research. The innovative experience and “heart-flow” experience in in-depth tourism has injected new highlights into the high-altitude amusement project of the domestic cultural travel industry.

Including the Sky Eye Trail, Crossing Against the Wind, and Exploring Alpha’s three major projects, creating unique urban landmark exploration destinations from a new perspective.

Introduce and upgrade to ensure the safety of tourists in all aspects

According to reports, after in-depth market research and repeated upgrades and optimization of the design plan, Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park entered the construction stage on November 19, 2019. The French MND Group completed on-site surveys, overall project planning, and customized equipment installation. Certified engineering experts with certification of rope crossing technology installation qualifications are responsible for the construction technology management and quality control of the project and guide the overall on-site operation progress of the project and the overall implementation of the project.

The project team has successively overcome many construction problems such as high-altitude construction fall prevention, no dead angle safety prevention and control, suspended steel structure platform erection, etc., and finally officially completed at the end of 2020, and successfully passed the Guangdong Provincial Construction Technology Architectural Design Institute, Guangzhou Design Institute, etc. Security assessment and audit of multiple units. Since then, the world’s unique high-altitude adventure park has successfully launched.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the project, Guangzhou Tower Alpha Discovery Park has established a complete safety operation and management model, equipped with professionals, professional equipment, and formulating emergency joint rescue plans and organizing on-site drills to ensure the safety of tourists in all aspects.

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