Haizhu District 海珠区
Has Both The Bustling City
And The Rural Scenery

Haizhu District | 海珠区 | Beautiful Scenery And Pleasant Climate Surrounded By The Pearl River

Haizhu District, known as “Jiangnan Island” in ancient times, is located in the central part of Guangzhou City. It is surrounded by the front and rear navigation channels of the Guangzhou section of the Pearl River system. Haizhu District has beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. It is a green island area known as the “Southern Lung” of Guangzhou.

Thousands of bauhinia flowers blooming

Thousands Of Bauhinia Flowers Blooming

Located along the banks of the Shiliugang River

Located Along The Banks Of The Shiliugang River

Haizhu Wetland Phase I and Phase II

Together to make a kilometer-long pink dreamland

Together To Make A Kilometer-long Pink Dreamland

Haizhu Lake

Haizhu Lake is different from the existing Liuhua Lake and Dongshan Lake in Guangzhou, which are only used as landscape lakes. Haizhu Lake has an independent water network system, which can replenish water for the surrounding rivers, and also has functions such as rain and flood regulation, water diversion, ecology, wetland, and leisure tourism.


Haizhu Lake in Haizhu District 海珠区海珠湖

Visitors watching fishes

Visitors watching fishes

Visitors Enjoying Sunshine and Beautiful Haizhu Lake Scenery

Heart Shape Flower Show Display In Haizhu Lake

Heart Shape Flower Show Display In Haizhu Lake

Haizhu Lake is located at the southern end of Guangzhou’s new central axis, adjacent to Xinguang Expressway in the east, Guangzhou Avenue in the west, Xinjiao South Road in the north, and Huancheng Expressway and Nanzhou Road in the south. It is in the middle of the “well” surrounded by 5 highways.

Beautiful Scenery in Haizhu Lake

Beautiful Scenery in Haizhu Lake

 Haizhu Lake

Abundant Land Resources and Large Area Of Water Network

Since December 31, 2005, Haizhu District has jurisdiction over 18 administrative streets: Chigang, Xingang, Binjiang, Sushe, Haizhu, Fengyang, Longfeng, Shayuan, Ruibao, Jianghai, Nanhuaxi, Nanshitou, Jiangnanzhong, Changgang, Nanzhou, Pazhou, Guanzhou, Huazhou.

Haizhu District has a unique geographical and cultural environment. It is the only island district in Guangzhou City. It is adjacent to Liwan, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Huangpu, and Panyu by the river.


Taikoo Wharf

Zhongda Pier at Pearl River

The river bank line is 47.35 kilometers long, the geographical position is superior, there are abundant land resources, a large area of water network and fruit forest scenic spots, showing the pattern of “mountain city”.

Historic Area

Haizhu District has a long history, outstanding people, and a relatively accurate history of cultural relics, which can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago.

Sun-Yat-Sen-University Motto

Sun Yat-Sen University Motto

Sun Yat-Sen Statue


Qing Dynasty Buildings In Haizhu District

Historic Buildings Sign

Historic Buildings Sign

There are many relics, former residences of celebrities and memorial buildings in the area, including the former residence of the national hero Deng Shichang, the former site of the Generalissimo’s mansion twice established by Mr. Sun Yat-sen during the democratic revolution, and the residence of the ancestor of the Lingnan painting school Ju Lian Shixiang Garden. In the Ming Dynasty, the Yungui Bridge, Pazhou Pagoda, Chigang Pagoda, and ancient coastal sites that witnessed the formation of the Haizhu Island’s landform history, etc., are quite cultural and historical.

Da Yuan Shuai Fu, Binjiang Zhong Lu


Da Yuan Shuai Statue

Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster to create "Guangzhou Silicon Valley"

With the entry of high-quality e-commerce and Internet companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, and VIPShop, the agglomeration effect of Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area has initially appeared. Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster will be built as “Guangzhou’s Silicon Valley”.

Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster 01

Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster

Guangzhou International Financial City is under construction

New Tencent Head Quarter

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

Many New Office Building Are Coming

Many New Office Building Are Coming

Haizhu District is an important passage for Guangzhou to the cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta, as well as Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zones. There are dense rivers and convenient water transportation in the area. It is not only an important waterway in the urban area of Guangzhou, but also direct access to inland and coastal ports in the Pearl River Delta.
There is a passenger and cargo terminal in the area, and ships can directly reach coastal cities such as Shantou, Haikou, Sanya and Xiamen.

Guangzhou Jiangnanxi evening view

Guangzhou Jiangnanxi evening view

Haizhu downtown at night

There are main roads, secondary roads, and branch roads by land. The three-level road network covers the whole district. 12 cross-river bridges are connected to various districts in the city. The inner ring road, ring road expressway and South China Dawei traverse the whole district. Subway No. 2 and 3 The line passes through the most prosperous area in the area, and the road and bridge network extends in all directions.

Canton Tower at YiYuan Road


Leide Bridge At Jiang Hai Da Dao

At present, Haizhu District is committed to building Binjiang Road with Lingnan characteristics and exotic tourism and leisure and sightseeing centers, and large-scale retail shopping and commercial service center on Jiangnan Avenue, Jiangnan West Road, and Baogang Avenue.


Haizhu Lake


Leide Bridge at Jiang Hai Da Dao

The logistics commodity distribution center in the southern area of Guangzhou Avenue with professional markets as the main body, the conference, information, and business service center in Pazhou Chigang area, the science and technology center along Xingang Road, and the modern city surrounded by 10,000 mu of fruit tree protection area, led by Sun Yat-sen University Type ecological agricultural tourism center. These six centers have begun to take shape.     


City View Of Haizhu District

Haizhu District has both the bustling city and the rural scenery. The Jiangdao ecosystem featuring “river, yong, forest, and garden” makes Haizhu District the most suitable modern “ecological city” for entrepreneurial development and living.

Zhongda Fabric Market

Haizhu District has always adhered to the development concept of “a strong economic zone, a prosperous zone with science and education, an environmental construction zone, a cultural zone, and a zone governed by law”, and implements the industrial development of “giving priority to the development of service industries, optimizing and improving industries, and actively developing urban ecological agriculture” The strategy is to take real estate as the leader, vigorously develop the commercial service industry, financial industry, tourism, warehousing and transportation, and high-tech non-polluting industries, and promote the healthy development of the region’s economy.


Modern high rise complex in Pazhou, Haizhu.


The city center of Pazhou, Haizhu.

Haizhu District has become the new central area of Guangzhou, and it will be given priority for development for a relatively long period of time in the future. It contains huge development potential and broad development prospects.

Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center


Guangzhou International Convention  And Exhibition Center-01



As key projects such as the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and the International Biological Island settle in Haizhu, the geographical advantages of Haizhu District have become increasingly prominent. New opportunities are ushered in the new century, and the historic Haizhu District will shine more brilliantly.

Canton Fair

Guangzhou International Convention  And Exhibition Center-03


Guangzhou International Convention  And Exhibition Center-04

Guangzhou International Convention  And Exhibition Center-05


Guangzhou International Convention  And Exhibition Center-06


Xiaozhou National Eco-Village, Haizhu District

Haizhu District is one of the four old towns in Guangzhou. Compared with other districts, the river island ecosystem of “river, yong, forest and garden” is its unique environmental advantage: 47 kilometers of river coastline around the island, 74 crisscross The river water network, the ten thousand acres of the orchard like a natural oxygen bar, the unique pastoral scenery formed by the famous Lingnan fruit and the reclaimed fields of the past generations, and the cultural relics all over Haizhu make every Haizhu proud.


Xiaozhou National Eco-Village, Haizhu District

Good Food In Haizhu District

In terms of food, there is a saying in Guangzhou that if you don’t come to Haizhu, you are not qualified to say that you are a foodie. Indeed, Haizhu’s food is particularly famous in Guangzhou. The most famous one is the Jiangnanxi area. Its food streets are not two, but N.

Restaurant in Haizhu District

Restaurant in Haizhu District

Restaurant in Haizhu District

Restaurant famous in Seafood Casserole Congee

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant is a very famous restaurant chain and it’s main branch is in 372 South Guangzhou Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. 

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant 01

Chefs Preparing Food Behind The Counter

Enjoy Guangzhou Night Life in Haizhu District

Zhujiang -InBev International Beer Museum is a little-known beer museum on the Pearl River. Tickets cost 50 yuan per person, and the draft beer inside is still free to drink. There are indeed many people here at night. There are many bars next to the museum, and I like to come here to drink beer at night to blow the river breeze. From the bus station of Canton Tower, you can take B7 to the museum. Worth a visit.

Night Life in Haizhu District

Night Life in Haizhu District

Guangzhou Night Life

Bars near Zhujiang InBev International Beer Museum

The Pearl River-InBev International Beer Museum

Zhujiang – InBev International Beer Museum