Huangpu District | 黄埔区

China’s Happiest City

Starting Point of the Maritime Silk Road

Leading Scientific And Technological Innovation Capability With Excellent Business Environment

Huangpu District | 黄埔区 | Starting Point of the Maritime Silk Road | China's Happiest City | Leading Scientific And Technological Innovation Capability With Excellent Business Environment

Huangpu District is located in the east of Guangzhou City, with a total area of 121.7 square kilometers. The total population is 1,151,200 (2019).

Geographical coordinates are east to Dongjiang, facing Machong Town, Dongguan; bordering Xintang Town, Zengcheng City in the northeast, Zhujiang River and Panyu District in the south; Zhuji Street in Tianhe District in the west and Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in the north Luogang Town is adjacent.

Yuzhu | 魚珠 | Guangzhou's 2nd CBD In Huangpu District

Guangzhou Port and Shipping Center

Guangzhou Port and Shipping Center In Yuzhu


Luogang Town

Yuzhu was one of the eight scenic spots in Yangcheng during the Ming and Qing Dynasties-“East Sea Fish Pearl”. This is the starting point of the Guangzhou Marine Silk Road, a hub for Sino-foreign exchanges of “one-port trade”.

Financial Cluster at Pearl River

Major Development Area In Guangzhou

Major Development Area In Guangzhou

Today in the 21st century, this is an important part of Guangzhou’s second CBD—Huangpu Lingang Economic Zone. It is close to the Pearl River New City and the Financial City. It is the next Pearl River New City built by the government with a heavy investment.

Historical and Natural Scenery

Huangpu District

Primary School of Huangpu Military Academy


Ancient Chinese “Maritime Silk Road” Arch

Huangpu District has many cultural relics, beautiful natural scenery, and rich and unique tourism resources.

Among them are cultural landscapes, such as the famous Huangpu Military Academy as a national key cultural relic protection unit, and the Nanhai Temple, the starting point of the ancient Chinese “Maritime Silk Road” as a provincial key cultural relic.
There are also historical sites such as General Yangsi Temple, Hengsha Shuxiang Street, Nanwan Ancient Residence, Shenjing Wenta, and other historical sites, such as Danshuikeng Scenic Area, Longtoushan Forest Park, Maogang Crane Forest, Pearl River Island, and Litchi in Bi Village Forest and other natural scenery.

Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park

The beauty of plum blossoms in Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park began in the Song Dynasty. Due to special natural conditions, the flowers often bloom twice, and the flowers are red and white. At the end of the Lunar New Year and around the winter solstice, plum blossoms are in full bloom and the flowers are like snow.

Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park

Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park

Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park

Excellent Landscape Inside The Park

Guangzhou Luogang Xiangxue Park

Thousands Of Plum Tree Fills Up The Park

Besides Plum Tree, There Are Beautiful Lotus Flowers Too

Huangpu Business

Huangpu District also has many modern industrial enterprises, such as Guangzhou Honda Automobile Factory, Guangdong Taikoo Coca-Cola Company, Hedy Computer Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard, Guangzhou Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company, etc. The “Whampoa Industrial Tour” launched in 2003 is very popular.
At present, the district tourism department is planning to launch more industrial tourist attractions. They will come to Huangpu to not only visit modern beverage and food production lines, but tourists will also witness with their own eyes how cars are made, how computers are made, and how 10,000-ton giant ships are made. , How steel is made.

Road Signs In Huangpu District


Baoneng International Sports Performing Arts Center

Luogan Subway

Luogan Children Palace

Luogan Children Palace

Huangpu Science City

The construction of Guangzhou Science City focuses on the research, development, and manufacturing of high-tech industries.

In 2019, the Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone ranked first in the city and even the national development zone in many indexes.

High-Tech Companies in Science City

Aerial View of Science City


Research company in Science City


Manufacturing Companies in Science City

Completed a regional GDP of 350.2 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6%, and the growth rate hit a 6-year high. The total output value of industrial enterprises above the designated size is 793.6 billion yuan, the fixed asset investment is 139.8 billion yuan, the total import value is 160.1 billion yuan, the total export value is 128.5 billion yuan, and the actual use of foreign capital is 2.28 billion US dollars, ranking first in the city in five indexes; The total fiscal and tax revenue was 116.8 billion yuan, an increase of 11%.

The scientific and technological innovation capability, business environment index, number of listed companies, number of invention patents, and total fiscal and tax revenue rank first in the country’s development zones, demonstrating the “powerful Huangpu”.


Science City


Bird Eye View Of HuangPu District

Science City Symbol

Residential Housing

Residential Housing In Science City

In 2019, the “Double Innovation” Demonstration Base of Science City was supervised and encouraged by the State Council for two consecutive years, and Guangzhou High-tech Zone jumped from the 12th in 2017 to the 7th in the country.

Implementing the “18 Private and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, coordinating three tens of billions of development funds, the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ science and technology achievement transformation fund of funds of 6 billion entering the Science City, and the total number of gazelle enterprises selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology to rank among the top 4 high-tech zones in the country for 5 consecutive years.
The “Huangpu One” satellite payload was successfully launched, Six projects won the 2019 National Science and Technology Award, marked “Innovative Huangpu”.

Boluo Temple Fair At Nanhai Temple

During the Boluo Temple Fair, villagers and benevolent men and women in the Pearl River Delta went to the Nanhai Temple in Huangpu from all directions to pray for blessings, sightseeing, or shopping. The number of visitors reached hundreds of thousands. There is a popular saying in Guangzhou that “Visit Boluo First, Marry A Wife Second”, which shows the great influence of temple fairs.

Nanhai Temple

Huge Crowds Visiting Nanhai Temple

Huge Crowds Visiting Nanhai Temple

Foreign Guests attending The Event

Foreign Guests attending The Boluo Temple Fair Event

Visitors from all over Guangdong

Visitors from all over Guangdong Province 

Huge Crowds Visiting Nanhai Temple

The Boluo Temple Fair Event Was Packed With Visitors From All Over.

Food Festival was held at the same time of Buluo Event

In 2019, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone won the title of “China’s Happiest City”, and innovated the working mechanism of “Quick Demolition, Quick Approval, and Quick Construction”. The “three old” transformation work ranked first in the city’s assessment for three consecutive years; the pilot implementation of “five governance, co-creation, sunshine village housing” governance innovation, Yangtian Village was recognized as a national rural governance model village.

Huangpu opened the world’s first 5G bus operation line, opened Metro Line 21, accelerated the construction of 8 hospitals including Knowledge City Southern Hospital, Guangzhou Medical Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and opened 21 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens including Guangshi High School of Beijing Normal University.

Huangpu Marathon





Huangpu Marathon has become a national cultural and sports event, running out of the “Happy Huangpu”.