Liwan, Formerly Known As "Xiguan"
Got its Name From The "Lychee Bay"

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Liwan District is located in the west of the prosperous urban area of Guangzhou, on the east and north banks of the Pearl River, with transportation hubs crisscrossed; it is connected to the railway station and Baiyun Airport in the north; the Renmin Bridge and the Pearl River Tunnel pass through both banks of the Pearl River in the south.

Liwan Huangsha Pier

Liwan Huangsha Pier

Pearl River From Renmin Bridge

Zhongshan 8 Lu Bus Terminal

Zhongshan 8 Lu Bus Terminal

Ferry approaching Liwan Pearl River Bank

In the west, there is the Zhujiang Bridge flying east and west, together with Nanhai and Foshan; in the southwest there is the Guangzhou South Freight Station of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the new wharf of Guangzhou Port.

There is also National Highway 107, Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway connects to Guangshen Expressway, directly to Hong Kong.

The Guangzhou Metro Line I and the Inner Ring Elevated Road run through the whole area, forming a three-dimensional transportation network by sea, land, and air, making Liwan District a unique geographical location and a must for businesses.

Guangzhou Cultural Park

Guangzhou Cultural Park is lined with trees and lush flowers and grass. It is a comprehensive cultural and entertainment venue integrating publicity and exhibition, cultural entertainment and sports, landscaping, and amusement activities. It receives more than 10 million tourists every year.

Guangzhou Cultural Park Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Guangzhou Cultural Park Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Guangzhou Cultural Park Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Visitor taking picture in Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Historical Xiguan

Liwan, formerly known as “Xiguan”, got its name from the “Lychee Bay”. It has one bay with green water and lychee red on both sides.


Water Flower Market Event At Lychee Bay Park

Small boat at Liwan Park

Sampan Boat At Lychee Bay Park

Yongqingfang is a very successful revitalization project of Xiguan

Xiguan Snack

Liwan District is one of the prosperous urban areas with the most concentrated commerce, catering services, entertainment, and financial industries in Guangzhou. The area has complete service facilities and perfect service network.
With a long history. Shangxiajiu Road and Dishífǔ Road are packed with all kinds of shops to serve the community. White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou Restaurant, Nanfang Building, Qingping Market, Hualin Jade Market, etc. are all located in it.


Bronze Statue At Shangxiajiu Road

Bronze Statue

Bronze Statue At Shangxiajiu Road

There are 233 professional markets in the region, covering 18 commodity categories. Tea, footwear, clothing, Chinese medicinal materials, jade, jewelry, flowers, accessories, stationery, plastics, etc.

Jade Market in Liwan District

Amber Shop at Jade Market

QingPing Market

Dry Seafood Shop at Qingping Market

There is an arcade street with Lingnan characteristics in the area. Chen’s Academy, a national cultural relic protection unit integrating wood carving, stone carving, brick carving, gray plastic, pottery, copper and iron casting, and other carving arts.


Xiguan Historic House

Xiguan Historic House

Amber Shop at Jade Market

The Shamian building complex is one of the national cultural relics protection units. It has more than 150 European-style buildings, which are the most exotic in Guangzhou Emotional European architectural complex.


Western Style Building in Shamian

“Eat in Guangzhou, taste in Xiguan, originate from Pantang”, Beef brisket noodles, wonton noodles, boat porridge, fried noodles, fried snails, sesame paste, etc are very famous cuisines in Liwan.

Xiguan Good Food

 Boat Porridge and Fish Skin in Liwan District

Elder Ladies Eating Boat Porridge

Elder Ladies Eating Boat Porridge in Lychee Lake Park

Tea houses and restaurants are scattered all over the streets and alleys of the Liwan District. World-renowned brands such as Panxi Restaurant, Taotaoju, Lianxianglou, Guangzhou Restaurant, etc are located in Liwan.

Guangzhou Restaurant