Guangzhou Nansha Tianhou Palace

Nansha Tianhou Palace |南沙天后宫 | The First Palace Of The Queen Of Heaven In The World | The Largest Temple For Goddess Of The Sea In The World

Nansha Tianhou Palace | The First Palace Of The Queen of Heaven In The World

Nansha Tianhou Palace, next to Lingdingyang, the estuary of the Pearl River, is located at the southeast foot of Dajiao Mountain, surrounded by mountains and rivers. It was built to commemorate Lin Mo, the goddess of the sea.


The building is characterized by the integration of the style of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the imposing manner of the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing. Its scale is the largest of its kind in the world today.

Guangzhou Nansha Tianhou Palace
The statue of Tin Hau

It is known as “the first palace of the Queen of Heaven in the world” and is also the largest Mazu temple in Southeast Asia. The statue of Tin Hau is 14.5 meters high and stands in the middle of Tianhou Temple Square.


The whole Tianhou Temple is surrounded by green trees, and the smoke of incense is curling in the temple, which makes you feel like being in it. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Guangzhou


The Main Hall

The Main Hall is the center of the whole palace. In the hall, two statues of the Goddess are honored in a shrine.


Xian Hall is after the main gate, where a statue of the heavenly empress is honored.


Behind the Main Hall is the Qin Hall,the living room of the Goddess, where a sitting sculpture of the goddess is displayed together with some simple appliance and furnishment.

The Nanling Tower

The Nanling Tower, an 8-story building, rises to a height of 45 meters and is the highest point of the whole palace.


Behind the main gate are the bell tower and drum tower. The bell and drum beat on time. During the festival, it is full of a happy atmosphere.


Many tourists free captive animals here every year. It’s said that “One good deed deserves another”.Freeing captive animals is good.

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