Tianhe District | 天河区 | The Most Beautiful Axis Is A Cultural, Commercial, And Financial Center

Tianhe District was established in 1985, with a total administrative area of about 137.38 square kilometers. It has superior location advantages and a good urban environment. It is the new urban center of Guangzhou and is located on the central axis of the new city of Guangzhou. Various transportation resources in the jurisdiction are highly concentrated, with a multi-level urban transportation system such as subway and rapid transit (BRT).

BRT Rapid Transit Train

Rapid Transit (BRT) Train

Tianhe Commercial Complex Evening View

Travel and Shopping Paradise

Elegant Shopping Experience in Tianhe District

Tianhe City Shopping Mall

There are 3 A-level scenic spots in Tianhe District, including 2 AAAA-level scenic spots and 1 AAA-level scenic spot. At the same time, Tianhe gathered 23 internationally renowned high-end hotels such as Marriott and Rosewood.

5 Stars Hotel in Tianhe District

Marriott Tianhe Hotel

Tianhe District City Center

Tianhe City Shopping Mall

Tianhe District also has three forest parks: Huolu Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, and Longyan Cave.


Tianhe Zhucun


Tianhe Daguan Wetland Park

The first pilot project of Guangzhou “Sponge City”, Daguan Wetland Park and other ecological parks, Zhucun, a famous historical and cultural village in Guangdong Province, and Mao Zedong inspected historical and cultural monuments such as Tangxia Memorial Hall.

TaiKoo Hui-Tianhe Road

TaiKoo Hui Tianhe Road

Tianhe New Year Flower Market

Tianhe CBD

Focusing on the Tianhe Road business district, the city will create a “world tourism destination” with deep integration of the “cultural, business, and travel” industries.

Guangzhou Four Season Hotel at IFC Tower, Tianhe District

Guangzhou Four Season Hotel at IFC Tower, Tianhe District

Zhujiang New Town Street View

Parc Central in Downtown Tianhe Guangzhou

The Tianhe Road business district has a total area of approximately 4.5 square kilometers, with a commercial area of 1.5 million square meters.

Zhujiang New Town Shopping Crowd

One Link Plaza

Tianhe CBD, Zhujiang New Town High Rise Buildings


Shopping in Tianhe CBD

Tianhe CBD, Zhujiang New Town High Rise Buildings

The Tianhe CBD continues to explore the development model of cultural, business, and tourism integration and builds a number of colorful tourist attractions and cultural tourism facilities on the basis of improving commercial facilities.

Zhengjia Natural Science Museum


Since the beginning of this year, the Zhengjia Museum of Natural Science, which houses China’s first original Medusa horned dragon fossil, and Guangzheng Street, which restores the characteristic buildings and life scenes of Guangzhou’s “Thirteenth Lines” period, have been in the Zhengjia Plaza one after another. 

Together with the previously opened Zhengjia Polar Aquarium, the Zhengjia Rainforest Ecological Botanical Garden under construction constitutes the “Three Pavilions and One Street” cultural tourism strategic project of Zhengjia Plaza.

Tianhe Tangxia Zhihui Park


Fashion Tianhe creates Shanghai Street and Lingnan Street, restoring the “Night Shanghai” streetscape and the old “Lingnan Street”.

K11 Art Shopping Center introduces the first museum shopping center concept. An art space of over 800 square meters brings a new shopping and art fusion experience and will become a landmark tourist shopping cluster.

Guangzhou K11 Shopping Center


Since 2012, it has successively cooperated with Singapore, France, Britain, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and other countries, successfully held Guangzhou International Shopping Festival, the largest shopping festival in South China.


The 2nd Tianhe International Gourmet & Culture Festival


Continuously improve the tourism consultation network, and set up tourism consultation services in tourist distribution centers such as Tianhe Road, Huacheng Square, and Grand View Plaza.

The 2nd Tianhe International Gourmet & Culture Festival


The transportation service system is becoming more and more perfect, with supporting services such as pre-boarding services at Hong Kong Airport, direct buses to Baiyun Airport and Hong Kong Airport.