White Swan Hotel | 白天鹅宾馆 | Guangzhou Michelin Travel Guide: Episode 1 | Shamian Island

White Swan Hotel | 白天鹅宾馆 | Guangzhou Michelin Travel Guide: Episode 1 | Shamian Island

White Swan Hotel | Guangzhou Michelin Travel Guide: Episode 1

Feels so good to be back in my own city, Guangzhou, after two years and the city has changed so much over time! Guangzhou is one of the most remarkable and contemporary cities with historical landmarks, unconventional delicious culinary, and more. In addition to the FIRST-EVER Michelin guide edition has finally launched in 2018 dedicating to the city of Guangzhou was astonishing and pleasing (for foodies like us!).

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T R A V E L I N F O :

White Swan Hotel ⇨ http://www.whiteswanhotel.com/en

D I N I N G E X P E R I N E (White Swan Hotel) :

Jade River (Michelin 1 Star) ⇨ http://www.whiteswanhotel.com/jade-ri…
♦ Marinated Goose Feet & Wab
♦ Whole-wheat Baked BBQ Pork Bun
♦ Hazelnut White Swan Puff
♦ Dan San (Fried Egg Twist with Ginger Honey Glaze)

River Cafe (most impressive buffet with scenic river views) ⇨ http://www.whiteswanhotel.com/river-c…
“Save your stomach to try a little bit of everything!”

M U S I C :
Alan Walker – Spectre
Syn Cole – Feel Good
Janji – Heroes Tonight

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Video by Frentee Ji
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