Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park | 越秀公园 | An Ancient Cruise Ship | Carrying The Long History Of Guangzhou | Sailing From Ancient Times To The Present

Yuexiu Park | 越秀公园

Yuexiu Park is like an ancient cruise ship, carrying the long history of Guangzhou, sailing from ancient times to the present. Although its main mountain, Yuexiu Mountain, has experienced vicissitudes of life, Xiange never stops. Especially in today’s construction of a harmonious society, the more it develops and shows its charming demeanor.

Yuexiu Park has a long history and is rich in natural and cultural landscapes. It is a city-level comprehensive cultural recreation park with a beautiful environment. It consists of 7 hills and 3 artificial lakes. The trees in the park are verdant and the green coverage rate reaches 83.48%.


It not only preserves the Zhenhai Tower, the ancient city wall of the Ming Dynasty, the relics of the Sifang Fortress, the Zhongshan Monument, and many other ancient and famous trees, but also has built a five-goat fairy garden, an idiom fable garden, a bamboo forest recreation area, and a swimming pool.


Historical monuments and modern civilization are in harmony, natural fortune and artificial ingenuity dance together, creating an interesting contrast.

Stone Statue of Five Rams | 五羊石像

The “Stone Statue of Five Rams” is one of the most famous sights in Guangzhou. Built in 1959, the whole building is carved from 130 granite, and the base is more than ten meters high.


There is a beautiful legend about this stone sculpture. It is said that more than two thousand years ago, Guangzhou was a place with vast sea and sky, and the land was barren, and people hardly had enough food and clothing all day long.


One day, the sky was filled with fairy music. Five immortals wearing colorful clothes flew to Guangzhou on five sheep with six bunches of grain ears, leaving the grain ears to the people of Guangzhou.

They also wished that there would be no famine every year, and then they would fly away in the sky, and the sheep would turn into rocks.

Yuexiu Park

Since then, Guangzhou has become a place of wealth. This touching legend has been passed down from generation to generation, and Guangzhou has also been named “Yangcheng” and “Suicheng”.

Zhenhai Tower | 镇海楼

Zhenhai Tower, also known as a five-story building, was built in the thirteenth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1380). “Choosing the stars, looking beyond the present and the past”-Yuexiu floor is listed as one of the new eight scenic spots in Yangcheng.


The building overlooks the city of Guangzhou. It is now the “Guangzhou Museum”. It is an institution that collects local historical and cultural relics in Guangzhou, holds exhibitions and conducts scientific research.


Zhongshan Monument | 中山纪念碑

The Zhongshan Monument is located on Yuejinggang, the southernmost main peak of Yuexiu Mountain. Built in 1929 and designed by the famous architect Lu Yanzhi, the whole monument is made of granite, and the monument is 37 meters high.


The outside is square and pointed. When boarding the monument, enter from the stone arch on the first floor. There are carved stone fences on the first and second floors of the stele, and the four sides can be overlooked.


There is a ladder inside the monument that can be turned to the top. There are windows on each floor to overlook, and there are a total of 26 stone sculptures of sheep in the four-sided fence pattern on the upper floor of the monument, which symbolizes the city of Guangzhou.

Gyeonggi Province (Korean) Garden | 海东京畿园

Guangdong Province and Hanyuan Gyeonggi-do are areas of friendly exchanges. The Gyeonggi Province (Korean) Garden in Yuexiu Park covers an area of 9,000 square meters and is built in the style of a famous Korean garden.


The traditional buildings in the courtyard mainly include a platform, a dining room, three pavilions, and unique doors and walls. The color is mainly blue-grey.


Various buildings representing the essence of Korean gardens gather together, allowing visitors to experience Korean traditional thoughts, culture, natural views, and life history while staying, browsing, and enjoying.


Convenient transportation

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park is located in the city center of Guangzhou. Therefore, Guangzhou City is the backing city of Yuexiu Park. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is only more than 20 kilometers away from Yuexiu Park. 

Street View Yuexiu District
Blood Donation at Beijing Road

It is adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station, Provincial Bus Station and Guangzhou Bus Station.

Metro Line 2 can go directly to the main entrance of the park, with convenient transportation. The entrances and exits of Yuexiu Park are all blackened main roads in the city.

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