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Yuntai Garden | 云台花园 | Largest High Style Landscaped Garden In China | Mainly To Appreciate The Precious Flowers And Trees Of The Four Seasons

Yuntai Garden | 云台花园 | Largest High style Landscaped Garden In China

Yuntai Garden is located at the entrance of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain, backed by Yuntai Ridge. The garden is luxuriant with trees and precious flowers in the four seasons. It was originally built based on the Butchart Garden in Canada. It is known as the “Pearl of the Flower City” and is a good place to enjoy flowers.

Yuntai Garden 3rd Tulip Festival02
Yuntai Garden 3rd Tulip Festival

The overall layout of Yuntai Garden combines Eastern and Western architectural art, showing an ingenious garden style.


The wide steps facing the gate are made of glass. The upper part of the steps is the shining lake, and the ring lights at the bottom of the lake are clear and identifiable. Every night, the colorful lake water rendered by the lights will slowly flow down the glass steps, and the colorful water flow seems to fall from the sky, like a dream.


The water of Yanhu Lake flows down along the central axis, making Yanhu the source of the central axis. In order to highlight this source, garden designers and builders built a Roman colonnade on the shore of Yanhu Lake, which highlights the axis line. The role of the scenic spots in Yuntai Garden corresponds to the garden gate with the characteristics of east and west.


More interestingly, the builders borrowed the effect of the flower wall in Suzhou gardens and placed a group of totem stone pillars behind the Roman colonnade. On both sides of the axis line, the Yuntai Garden is arranged with different functional areas, and more than 200 kinds of Chinese and foreign famous four-season flowers have been cleverly planted in different functional areas.


While planting various flowers on the east side, a large area of lawn is cultivated according to the undulating terrain, which looks like a green waterfall from a distance. On the west side are the Friendship Garden and the tea room. 


The center of the Yiyuan Garden is a huge stone sculpture of the earth. With the stone sculpture of the earth as its center, within a huge circle, the city flowers that have become sister cities with Guangzhou and the national flowers of the countries where the sister cities are located are distributed.


There is also a large rose garden in Yuntai Garden, where hundreds of varieties of roses are planted. Diamond roses as small as a finger, as large as a red rose with a diameter of 20 cm, and a rare century-old stump rose, you can see their beauty here.


In addition, every year Yuntai Garden will hold a variety of large-scale theme flower exhibitions, and a large-scale lantern festival will be held during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It will be very lively and worth visiting.


Tickets: 10 yuan for full tickets and 5 yuan for half tickets in normal days. The full ticket is 15 yuan on holidays.

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