Zengcheng District 增城区

Rich In Natural Endowments
Historical And Cultural Connotations

Zengcheng District | 增城区 | Rich In Natural Endowments And Historical And Cultural Connotations | China's Cowboy Clothing Town

Zengcheng District is located in the northeast of the Pearl River Delta, east of Guangzhou, backed by Greater Guangzhou, facing Dongguan across the river in the south, Huizhou in the east, southwest is connected to Huangpu District, and Conghua District in the north. 


Zengcheng District Gualu Plaza


Stone Sculpture in downtown area


Zengcheng District Leisure Area

Times Square

Zengcheng District residential housing


Gualu Plaza was opening in 2012

The total area is 1616 square kilometers. The total population is 1,260,100 (2020).

Zeng River Run Through The City

Zengcheng District has a mild climate, fertile land, and smooth weather. The annual average temperature is 22.2 degrees Celsius and the average annual rainfall is 1869MM. It is suitable for tropical and subtropical crop growth. It is a famous land of lychees and fish and rice.


Zeng River Running Through City


New Residential Buildings Along Zeng River

The green mountains and green waters within the territory are beautiful. The urban area is surrounded by mountains and a river runs through the city.

Running Track along Zeng River 


Canoe training in Zeng River

The southern part is the beautiful Pearl River Delta Plain. The city’s forest coverage rate reaches 48%. It has forest parks and natural ecological protection areas such as Jiaoshiling, Dafengmen, Nanxiangshan, and Jinkeng. It is the “green ornament” of the east wing of Guangzhou; it is also an oasis in the economic circle of the Pearl River Delta.

Beautiful Flower Bed Along with Zeng River Bank

Beautiful Flower Bed Along with Zeng River Bank

Beautiful Flower Bed Along with Zeng River Bank

Spring Time Near Zeng River

Xingtang Town

Zengcheng District is rich in natural resources and rich in natural resources. There are more than 20 kinds of proven mineral resources, among which limestone, granite stone and ceramic soil are relatively large.

Three Gentlemen Riding On Motorcycle in Xintang Town

Shopping mall in Xintang Town

Shopping Mall in Xingtang Town


Busy parking lot in Zengcheng District

Xintang Town

Spacious City planning of Xintang Town

The per capita water resources are among the top cities (counties) in the province, and there are abundant cold mineral springs and hot springs. It is located in the transitional zone between the hills and mountains and the Pearl River Delta Plain, with fertile land and beautiful mountains and rivers.

Zengcheng Lychee

Zengcheng Gualu is the best lychee variety. It has been well-known at home and abroad for more than 400 years. Zengcheng silk seedlings are well-known at home and abroad.

Zengcheng Lychee

Zengcheng Lychee Park

Zengcheng Lychee

Zengcheng Gualu Lychee

Zengcheng Gualu Lychee Stone Mark

Zengcheng Lychee

Zengcheng Lychee

Agriculture in Zengcheng District is dominated by planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and forestry. High-quality rice, litchi, vegetables, animal husbandry, aquatic products, and fast-growing high-yield forests are the six pillar industries of agriculture. There are many agricultural bases, the three high agricultural output value accounts for 70% of the total agricultural output value, and the six pillar industries are gradually becoming base, large-scale and industrialized. The area of arable land is 449,000 mu, including 369,700 mu of paddy field.


Zengcheng Library

Zengcheng BakChoy

Zengcheng BakChoy

Grain planting area is 620,700 acres, fruit area is 320,900 acres (including 197,500 acres of litchi and 31,100 acres of longan), 407,000 acres of vegetable cropping, 66,400 acres of aquaculture, and 762,500 pigs. The forest area is 1.195 million mu.

Dry BakChoy

Cowboy Clothing Market

Zengcheng Baishui Village in Zengcheng City is closely connected to economically developed areas such as Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huangpu District and Dongguan City. It has a good industrial foundation. In particular, high-tech industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and IT industries have a growing effect and strong industries. Support, not only can withstand the industrial transfer of surrounding areas, but also provide core supporting facilities for surrounding industries. The non-public ownership economy is very active, and the export-oriented economy and the private economy are the leading forces of the national economy.

Zengcheng Recreation Park

Zengcheng Recreation Park


South Xingtang Station

Zengcheng District has vigorously promoted the formation of new industrial clusters, with nearly 100,000 mu of industrial land that can be concentrated and contiguously developed, with a broad development space. The city focuses on the construction of Xintang Industrial Processing Zone, East District High-tech Industrial Industrial Base, Ningxi Industrial Base, and Shitan Industrial Base. The park has a flat terrain and good geological conditions. The rock layer is only about 20 meters above the ground. There are few buildings in the area. The amount of land leveling and demolition and resettlement works is small, and the transportation and operating costs are low. The city has formed pillar industries such as automobile and motorcycle and its accessories manufacturing industry, denim casual clothing industry, and fine chemical industry.

Xingtang Fabric Factories

Xingtang Fabric Factories

Xingtang Trading Center

Xingtang Clothing Trading Center

Denim casual wear accounts for about 50% of the country’s total output. Kangwei sports series products are among the best in the country. The International Cowboy Clothing Festival and the Cowboy Fabric Accessories Exhibition have a wide impact. Xintang Town was awarded the title of “China’s Cowboy Clothing Town”.


Xingtang Evening View

Wanda Shopping Center

Wanda Shopping Center

Zengcheng Tourism

Zengcheng District is rich in tourism resources. The tourism image of “Lyxiang Wonderland” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is rich in natural endowments and historical and cultural connotations. The unique Lixiang style and the scenery of the water town are extremely beautiful. He Xiangu’s Family Temple, Thousand-year Panlong Ancient Vine, Fengtai Range Rover, Wanshou Temple, Ancient Sea Relics, Zhengguo Buddha Temple, Wild Goose Pagoda, Feng Pagoda, Gualing Ancient Village, and other places of interest have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Zengcheng Recreation Park

Zengcheng Recreation Park

Zengcheng Harvest Event To attract Tourists

Beautiful SceneryIs one of the major attraction

Zengcheng Park

Zeng River Recreation Park